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superfood for skin®

Quality - All Natural - Hand Crafted

We believe happy skin is a key to a happy life. We make a superior natural salve that is formulated to help deeply nourish, soothe and protect your skin. It's concentrated and has no water or fillers so a little goes a long way. We guarantee you will feel the difference or your money back! 

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I love the Lost Coast and have been hiking it for years. But 25 miles of beach hiking is no joke, especially on the feet! Each night I told the girls I was with to wash their feet, apply Mom's Stuff generously, and put clean socks on. We used the salve on scrapes, chaffing, and sunburns too! Everyone can't wait to get home and purchase their own jar. My sunburn is all but healed thanks to this miracle salve. My thirsty skin drinks it up. Forgetting to pack Mom's Stuff on a backpacking trip is like forgetting to pack my water filter or my stove. I probably survive without it, but I will still turn the car around to go back home and get it. -Dana, ID
 Mom's Stuff is great! For the past few winters, I’ve had trouble with the skin cracking on the tip of my thumb which is painful. Nothing ever seemed to help, unless I covered it with a bandage. Now that I’ve discovered Mom’s Stuff, the cracking is no longer a problem! It still starts when it gets cold and dry outside, but now – with a daily application of The Stuff – the crack disappears quickly and my hands (and feet) stay soft. Thank you! — Patty, TX
I bought a jar of Mom's Stuff and have found it to be so all-around useful! I use it on my dry summer feet (especially the heels), on my hands after doing the dishes, and use it to sooth and heal the kids’ bumps and scrapes. It works wonders, I swear. It’s one of those products that has become a part of the family bag — thrown in with diapers, sunscreen, water bottles, etc. when we head off on an adventure.
— Gabrielle Blair, Design Mom

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