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Sun/Wind Burn

Sun & Wind Burn

Four hours in full Utah sunlight for #nationaltrailsday with SPF 60 on one arm and Mom’s Stuff on the other (purple band). Zero sunburn, zero chemicals, a little more tan but barely any difference! Mom’s Stuff is amazing!
— Kierra R.
I love this salve more and healed my sunburn overnight
— Ashley
Chillin’ in Guatemala and a girl got a horrible sunburn. I offered her some Mom’s Stuff Salve. Then another girl came up with some bug bites. I offered her some salve. Within an hour I had a line of people asking to use it. The word is spreading my friend, and I need to make another order. You guys are global!
— Jake, Guatemala
Hiking the Continental Divide Trail took a toll on my body. I hiked over 1700 miles on my way to Canada, through the breathtaking deserts and through the towering mountains. The sun and brush just tore up my skin. Mom’s Stuff is so soothing—repairing the damage this trail does on me on a daily basis. You won’t find me on trail without it!
— Kayte Brown
Thanks so much for the cure for my skin! You probably won’t be surprised to get a another testimonial, but it surprised me.
I got a major windburn when I spent three days cleaning up from the windstorm we had. My face was ok after it all peeled off, but I developed a rash on my chest, stomach, inside elbows and thighs. I went through three tubes of 1% hydrocortisone cream, the better part of a jar of Vaseline, and a tube of prescription 10% hydrocortisone. For three weeks it kept spreading, and hurting!
Finally I started using Mom’s Stuff. I’m not kidding, in less than a day it started improving. After three days most of it is cleared up, two stubborn spots are still improving. I will certainly be telling my friends.
— Adrian, Bountiful, UT
I used Mom’s Stuff Salve on wind burned cheeks from skiing. Next day, totally fine.
— Jessica, Grand Canyon, AZ
I wanted to let you know that I just rode over the High Andes, highest pass 14, 800 ft, in all the altitude, intense sun, dry, terribly dry air, and so forth, with nothing but Mom’s Stuff for my sunscreen. Last year, I used it at your suggestion for our 18 days on the Colorado river because I’m allergic to something in sunscreen. I never had trouble there, so I decided to try it for high altitude. Same thing: no burn on my face. I forgot to put it on my forearms the first day, and of course, burned, in spite of my easily tanning skin. One of the British women on our trip got into it, and used Mom’s Stuff whenever she remembered to ask for it. If she visits me, which she has vowed to do, I plan to drag her down to Spring City. My friend and tentmate, Heide, used it as well, for skin sores brought on by so many hours every day in the saddle.
— Ann George