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Face Balm Reviews


Nourishing night face balm & protective day face balm

I LOVE Mom’s Stuff Face Balmst! They are light, non greasy, and don’t sting or burn. I use Nourishing Night Face Balm every night on my approximately six decade year old skin that gets a lot of sun and I wouldn’t be without it. It’s great for delicate areas as well. Awesome stuff!
— Sue Dyle
I’ve used Mom’s Stuff Night and Day Face Balms regularly for a year. It honestly delights me to put on every night and morning. Some days I put on some make up after putting on the Protective Day Face Balm, but more often than not, I opt not to wear any make up because I love the smooth and natural glow the Day Balm gives my skin. Just like Mom’s Stuff Salve, the product feels gentle, real, with spirit and so kind to my skin. There is something about making something so real and non-synthetic a part of my daily routine that leaves me feeling confident and pretty.
— Ashley Hoiland-Christensen
I LOVE the Mom’s Stuff Face Balms. I’m a freelance makeup artist that works in New York City and Los Angeles, and I always have a jars of the Protective Day Face Balm and Nourishing Night Face Balm with me in my makeup kit, no matter what the job is. I’ve had actors, models, athletes, fellow makeup artists and friends that have raved about these products when I use them on them. Every single person that tries them, loves them!

I always use them as a Lip balm, sometimes as an eye cream, and sometimes as an all over face moisturizer. I’ve worked with people that have problematic skin, such as eczema, dermatitis, or just dehydrated skin, and the Mom’s Stuff Face Balms have helped them tremendously. I also use them on men after they shave to sooth and heal razor burn.

I can’t live without these products!
— Kristy Strate
I love love Mom’s Stuff Face Balms!! They are so nourishing to my skin and really penetrate and moisturize a my skin unlike other products that just sit on the surface of my skin. I have normal to dry skin and live in a dry climate, so it is important to have a face cream that really moisturizes. These products do and make my skin feel so smooth. I think my skin glows too when I am wearing them. I don’t want to ever use anything else. I can’t say enough good about these products. I can never go back to anything else.
— Meta Coleman
I love the Mom’s Stuff face balms. I am 67 years old and have used a variety of skincare products throughout my life. These products are so nourishing and hydrating.
I love to put it on my face, neck and hands. It speaks to my spirit as the product that is right for my skincare needs. It is made with passion, prayer and loving care.
Thank you Lee! You’re awesome and so are your products, they are truly wonderful!
— Gwen Sedlack
For any skin type, this stuff is great- but particularly for sensitive skin, I love the soothing ingredients, and that it’s not only protecting my skin, but healing it too!
— Kera Thompson
Ever since I was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition, I’ve tried my best to use natural beauty products and avoid the harmful chemicals that can wreak havoc on the body. So I love how Mom’s Stuff products are all made by hand with completely natural ingredients. I mean, I could probably eat it and be completely fine. And that’s how it should be, right?! Also, when I use Protective Day Face Balm, my skin feels completely hydrated afterwards, and a bit plumped up and more youthful. Love it! Not only do I use these amazing face balms on myself — I rub it into my kids’ cheeks before bed, too! My little boy has very sensitive skin and sometimes gets eczema outbreaks on his cheeks. The Nourishing Night Face Balm is strong enough to get rid of his eczema, while also being gentle enough not to exacerbate it. I also love how it is deeply moisturizing without feeling greasy at all.
— Eva Jorgensen
Mom’s Stuff Face Balms have been a lifesaver. I work long hours outside in extreme weather conditions. Protective Day Face Balm is the only product I’ve found that protects my face from windburn. For that reason alone (not to mention the natural SPF protection) It rides along in my saddlebags all year long!
— Allison Aanerud
I have really put Protective Day Face Balm to a test! I have been an outdoor survival instructor and climbing safety and rescue instructor since 1978 and my skin is constantly exposed to sun, wind, and freezing temperatures. Luckily, I started using sunscreen in my thirties, but that, alone, was not enough. I have used many different products through the years to take care of my skin, but I have never found anything that even compares to this face balm! Although I have used regular Mom’s Stuff Salve for many, many years, I will admit that I am delighted with the light, fresh fragrance that this Protective Day Face Balm has. I love knowing that the delightful scent occurs naturally from the pure ingredients used to make it. The All Purpose Piñon Salve has wonderful, natural sunscreen properties, but this Day Face Balm is twice as protective! I use it on my face and neck, especially. Whether I’m rafting, kayaking, hiking, backcountry skiing, building snow shelters or climbing telecom towers, this balm protects and nourishes my skin far more effectively than commercial products that are chemically based and cost a whole lot more. Using the combination of Protective Day Face Balm and Nourishing Night Face Balm, I have seen significant improvement over the seven months I have been using them. I am now 60 years old, and I have very few wrinkles. Believe me, these balms are the best natural products to use for effective skin care.
— Kay Gerke
I was given a sample jar of Day Face and was immediately hooked and needed another jar when it ran out. I love the way it makes my face look and feel. Fabulous product!
— Karen Schurtz