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My baby grabbed a flat iron that was plugged in and HOT. His palm and fingers were burned and blistered and painful. After a couple of days of putting your salve on his hand, he is all better, and, as you can see, very happy. I have four boys total and we use Mom’s Stuff for everything— bug bites, eczema, hang nails, you name it! I can not thank you enough, THANK YOU!
— Sarah
I burnt my hand on hot water yesterday, draining potatoes to mash, and I reached for my tub of Mom’s Stuff Salve and it was so soothing. Thanks! This morning my hand is slightly red but painless!
— @gwennievb
I burned my hand with hot water or steam recently (can’t remember which), grabbed my Mom’s Stuff, and a few minutes later, the pain was gone. Still slightly red, but no pain the next day!!
— Martha
This stuff is simply amazing! I just finished having radiotherapy and I used your salve throughout the treatment. My skin stayed in very good shape and this salve always relieved ANY discomfort! I can’t praise it enough.
— Julia Hugo
Mom’s Stuff is amazing compared to anything else I’ve tried for eczema and a chemical burn on my thumb. All natural and better than expensive lotions and prescriptions.
— John Parker
I burned my hands yesterday pulling taffy that was still a little too hot. I put your salve on it several times last night and most of today and it’s nearly gone! No more pain and I can use my hands again. Great stuff!
— Elena C.
I am a beginner at aerial silks and on Tuesday I sun burnt the tops of my feet. I went right home and put Mom’s Stuff Salve on my feet and I felt relief immediately. On Saturday I was able to use my feet again. No pain at all. Amazing
— @myflyingpigboutique
I burned myself pretty bad with hot liquid (blistered slightly), so I smeared some Mom’s Stuff Salve on it after running the burn under cold water and the pain and blister are both totally gone. Miracle Salve is what it should be called!
— Alesa, Provo, UT
I got this second degree burn when a big curling iron fell on my neck and stayed there. It did not roll off. The doctor scrubbed off all of the blackened skin and had me put an ointment on it. I was supposed to repeat this regiment every day. It hurt so bad I would sob just from my husband lightly applying the ointment. After several days of this treatment the wound started weeping and sticking to the bandage. Every night we had to rip the bandage off, opening the wound again and causing it to bleed. It was horrific pain. If we left the bandage off the wound would crack open. I thought it would never end. My husband suggested I put Mom’s Stuff on it as we use it for every other minor skin irritation or abrasion. Mom’s Stuff Salve was an instant remedy. It gave my healing skin all the moisture, protection, and love that it needed. We were able to stop using the bandages and let it heal in what seemed to be a more natural way. I applied your salve three times a day and felt instant relief and a soothing feeling to my skin. It saved my poor neck and stopped the tears.
— Laura, Logan, UT
YOU GUYS. Yesterday I had one of the worst possible mom things happen and it was all my fault. Spoiler alert: Mom’s Stuff saved the day. I was doing some grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s when I grabbed a small sample cup of coffee. I wasn’t totally thinking because I had my one year old strapped to the front of me in a baby carrier when he moved and jostled my hand and caused some of the fresh (not quite as hot as it could have been, but still pretty uncomfortably hot) coffee to spill ONTO HIS HEAD. He started screaming in pain and I instantly felt this overwhelming sense of terror and grief that I had scorched my precious baby. I started to console him and instinctually reached for my Mom’s Stuff. I rubbed a little on the two red spots on his head and right away he started to calm down. I thought I would have to apply more in a little while but I kept an eye on it through the day and no redness reappeared. The spots weren’t even warm to the touch. Even today there’s no redness on his head. Thank you, thank you!!
— @mollouise