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I don’t have to wait for two weeks to tell you that Mom’s Stuff works. My son (returned missionary from Cambodia) has a rash on his stomach that he gets every summer for some reason. Every doctor he’s ever visited says he will just have to live with it . . . Nothing works . . .
We got Mom’s Stuff Salve in the mail last Friday (very fast shipping) and he was very skeptical but I said just to try it so he did, The rash is already gone!
Thanks a ton!
— Craig, Idaho
This is the first time in years I have been able to work outside in the 100 degree heat without getting a terrible rash on my face. Doctors, dermatologists, druggists and even the local health food store people have had no solutions for me. The only change in my lifestyle was that I started using Mom’s Stuff Salve in early spring. It is now August and my face is smooth and comfortable. I am so grateful!
— Eva, Bald Knob, AR
This stuff never ceases to amaze me. I’ve been putting it on my baby’s face for a few weeks now and it helps keep her drooling rash down. I decided to do an experiment and stopped putting salve on her last week. Oh dear! I shouldn’t have done that. Her poor chapped chin looked so painful. Lesson learned: life is better slathered in Mom’s Stuff.
— @designsparrow
I bought this salve last Saturday and it has helped my babies cheeks soooooooo much. Within hours his rash was healing. Five days later it is almost 100% better. I had tried EVERYTHING else. THANK YOU!
— Marci Hansen
Open water swimming was a nasty habit for me to take up as someone with sensitive skin. The water desiccates my skin, any number of plants or other creatures in the water that I brush up against will cause me to break out in hives or rashes and the longer my distances (as with any sport) the more chafing will occur where my swim suit seams meet my skin. I’ve experimented with A LOT of balms, salves and lotions on the market and most either aren’t water resistant enough or they cause more side effects than they are worth. Mom’s Stuff has turned into my #1 go to for my pre and post skin care routine for all my swimming (chlorine, spring water, fresh water and sea water). Before I plunge, I can rub it into all the areas I know will need a buffer during my swim. When I get out of the water, all dried up and splotchy with allergic reactions, I can clean off and get to work rubbing in more Mom’s Stuff into any problem areas. It’s funny too because now whenever I open up my jar of salve, I have come to associate it’s warm and clean smell with the serene joy that I find in swimming.
— Cate
My daughter has suffered from severe skin irritation since she was born. Last year, we successfully treated her homeopathically but this winter, the rashes and irritation came back when the weather turned dry and cold. I tried out Mom’s Stuff on her and it is truly a miracle cream. We have literally tried every single cream in the pharmacy and have an enormous collection of salves and creams that we were told would help my daughter. None of them have worked the way that Mom’s Stuff has. In our home, we now call it “magic cream.” If one of us is looking for it we’ll say “where’s the magic cream?”

Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful and magical invention with us.
— Frayda, Jerusalem
For the past several years my son has been suffering from horrible skin rashes on his legs, with open sores on his knees and in his ankle regions. He would scratch the skin lesions during his sleep to where his sheets were covered with blood each morning. It has been a most disheartening situation both physically and emotionally.
We sought professional medical advice and solutions, and have spent hundreds of dollars ($150 just on a tube of Elidel) with no success or cure. Last July, our Aunt Lisa introduced us to Original Piñon Salve. I purchased a jar, which arrived on July 20th. By August 1st my son’s legs were totally and completely free from any lesions, wounds or rashes. The healing powers of Mom’s Stuff Salve has been truly amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
— Ron, Provo, UT
I bought Mom’s Stuff Salve because I had a fiery patch of rash on my neck. I thought at first it was from my seat belt, but it didn’t go away. I tried plain Cetaphil then antibacterial ointment. No luck. Then I tried Mom’s Stuff on it and now it is completely gone! Thank you. I was ready to go to the dermatologist but for less than that co-pay, I am free of that itchy rash!
— Jean, Provo, UT
We love ours salve so much. Our hands have been so chapped and it smooths on so well. We have the travel size and it’s last us twice through the rough dry Utah winters. My daughter also had a rash around her mouth and I don’t want to put anything that’s harm so close to her mouth and so we did and worked great! Also just today I was some on my cracked dry skin and it cures. I also just put it a couple pimps of mine and waiting to see how it turns out. 😊👍
— @laur22ashley
Love love LOVE mom’s stuff! I use it daily on myself (as deodorant) and on my baby who is really prone to rashes.
— @arrbreek