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It works! Mom’s Stuff really has helped my ever present psoriasis.
— Judy, Prescott, AZ
I was in Joe’s pottery show two years ago and saw Mom’s Stuff Salve and thought it would prove handy to have around. That is a mild understatement. I took a fall a couple of weeks back and it has been so helpful in getting the resulting nasty scrapes and abrasions to heal up. I’ve also found it useful for occasional outbreaks of mild psoriasis. As a result, lots of friends will be getting their own supplies for Christmas this year
— Mitch, Washington, DC
I love your product! I am using it on my psoriasis, and my face per your website suggestion. After only two days the inflammation was gone from my psoriasis patches and they were soothed. Unbelievable!
— Linda, Austin, TX
I bought a jar to help heal my mom psoriasis and it it working so well. She was blown away at the fact that her skin is getting soft again. We will have a before and after for you when she feels comfortable 😉
— Wendy