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Misc. Uses

Mom’s Stuff Salve is the product of choice! I have had a warty like patch on my palm (undiagnosed) for the last several months – thought it had started as shoveling blister but not really sure about that – anyway it was looking – well warty – and it dawned on me to try Mom’s Stuff. In four days after night time application it is disappearing. WooHoo!
— Pam, Castle Valley, UT
I love this moms stuff! It’s the only thing that helps in my feet since I have diabetes!
— Caryl
This product replaces all healing ointments in my house! It has worked wonders for my sons eczema, rug burns, dry hands, cuts, sore throats, coughs... anything you can think of!
— Cate
My daughter has been suffering with molluscum contagiosum for several months. We have tried several treatments to no avail, I finally came upon your website and thought I would give this a try. After applying twice a day for a month, her rash has finally stopped spreading and beginning to heal.
Thank you for your wonderful product.
— Lisa
My favorite thing to do with moms stuff salve is: after I putting on my daily moisturizer with sunscreen I put a little salve on my eyelids. Using it as a primer. It works great without the terrible chemical products on my eyelids.
I first tried the salve when I had a cold for a week and had to blow my nose 1000 times. My nose was cracking and was very unfortunate looking. So I put some mom stuff salve on it and it healed so fast and felt so much better without any of the stinging or gross waxy feeling you get from Neosporin.
I carry it everywhere!
— Yasdnil Nosilla