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Hands & Feet

hands & feet

All-Purpose Piñon Salve was created by Lee for the hard working hands and feet of her family and friends. This natural salve is specially designed to soothe and moisturize your hardest working skin. 

Mom’s Stuff is the best thing that has ever happened to my dry, cracking, washed-so-many-dishes, did-so-much-laundry hands.
— Hilary, San Diego, CA
Wanna know what’s great? Mom’s Stuff Salve is great! My beat up hands love this stuff, as do my dry heels and elbows. Also it smells amazing! Like woodsy camping goodness. Can’t get enough of this stuff.
— Amanda, Salt Lake City, UT
I wanted to let you know that there was a man on my last trip whose hands exploded about day three. So I gave him a pair of my gloves and told him to put Mom’s Stuff Salve on every hour or two, even when he was paddling. He made up a little baggie of it and stuck it in his paddle pants and I would remind him (boss him, really!) every hour to put it on. His hands were all healed by the end of the trip. Between the gloves and the salve, it saved him.
— Christa Sadler, Flagstaff, AZ
Mom’s Stuff Salve is a miracle worker. I put it on my feet nightly and it makes them so smooth. Nothing else has helped my cracked, dry skin like this stuff. With other products I usually notice a difference for a few hours and then it’s back to dry skin. But this stuff really nourishes my skin. All hands for Mom’s Stuff Salve!
— Amanda Poe, UT
I have been looking for something to help my poor feet ever since I got a pedicure a month ago and I was told “You have gross feet. If you would stop running you might have pretty feet.” (Thanks, kind Vietnamese man.) I put Mom’s Stuff Salve on my feet at night with socks and after two nights my feet were beautiful again! BAM! Smooth as a baby’s bum.
— Darci, Provo, UT
I bought Mom’s Stuff Salve for the first time on Friday and I am one happy camper! Already my cuticles are healing and actually looking nice for the first time in my life!
— Sue, Salt Lake City, UT
I picked up a jar of Mom’s Stuff Salve and decided to try it. I’m always skeptical because I’ve tried SO many hand lotion products over the years. I LOVE this product because I have ongoing issues with my hands from Raynauds, and it just makes my hands feel fantastic. While Mom’s Stuff Salve does not heal my condition, it is the BEST for comforting and soothing pain I have from sore and severe cracks. I put it on my hands every night and wear gloves and I can’t tell you how great my hands feel. I’m addicted to it, please don’t stop make it!
— Donna
My husband loves Mom’s Stuff Salve so much! He does carpentry, gardening and is a river guide too, so he always has a reason that his hands need to be healed or stay healthy! His jar is about out now. He will be thrilled to find it here when we return from the lower San Juan river in a few days! Thanks so much.
— Jan Hester, Pagosa Springs, CO
Mom’s Stuff Salve is an amazing, healing balm. I had an allergic reaction to a ‘natural’ household cleaner and my hands (mainly my right hand) have never been the same. I went to a dermatologist and she said I have hand eczema so evidently it’s a layered issue. I tried everything and my hands were cracked and peeling and then cracking and peeling under the newly cracked skin -so painful! Even washing hands in water was painful. So, here comes my revelation to pull out that container of Mom’s Stuff Salve I had since my last visit to Spring City. It has helped so much. I wear it every night under hand gloves. So thank you so much for your great product!
— Courtney, Brooklyn, NY
Thank you so much for your speedy deliveries! I have been using Mom’s Stuff Salve for a couple of years on my feet. It keeps them from getting so dry and cracked. I put it on every night and don’t put on socks, but it works great. I also use it on my hands in the winter when my thumbs seem to crack and get sore.
— Sandi, La Quinta, CA
Mom’s Stuff Salve is awesome stuff!
My cracked heels in winter were agonizing. The best part is that it sticks right where you put it. None of this smearing off or melting. It travels well and won’t leak and wreck your packed clothes. I put a big finger full in a used prescription bottle or an old 35mm film canister and it has never made a mess for me. I’d buy another today, but it just lasts and a small amount goes so far.
— Paul, Hemmet, CA
I love Mom’s Stuff! I use it on my cracked heels and it’s the only thing that has ever worked for me. I rub it on liberally and wear socks to bed so it won’t get on the sheets and in 4 or 5 nights there is a huge improvement. I don’t know how you came up with your recipe but it works!
— Cathy, Riverton, UT
The best smelling, most effective, hand and foot salve I have ever used in 22 years of backcountry work – hands down! (pun intended).
— Christa, Flagstaff, AZ
As a yoga teacher and practitioner, my feet are exposed year round. Before I found Mom’s Stuff Salve, I constantly struggled with deep heel cracks, especially in the summer. Thanks to your salve, my heels are now in better shape than they’ve been since I first moved out west in 1982.
— Charlotte, Salt Lake City, UT
I’ve been a massage therapist for 19 years. One of my clients was rafting the Grand Canyon and was exposed to your product on that trip. He was very impressed and brought some back to share with friends and I was lucky enough to be included.
I work barefoot and have problems with my feet cracking in the summertime. Mom’s Stuff healed them right up! I placed my order for myself and also to use on a few clients that have trouble with their feet and hands cracking. You are making a great product, keep up the good work.
— Randy, Vacaville, CA
I was at Sam’s Club and a sample tester came up to me with a bottle of lotion. They squeezed some onto the back of my hand and went into their rehearsed routine. They started telling me about how this super thin, watery lotion is better that anything out there. They supported their theory with tales of hospitals using this product in their burn wing for severe burn victims. The associate then asked me if I ever get cracked feet and really dry hands. I stopped and thought for a minute and realized that I don’t get these horrible skin issues anymore. I then replied, “I actually use a homemade salve with piñon pine sap and all natural ingredients”. He looked right at me and said, “Wow, I bet that works really well.” He had no rebuttal and simply turned and searched for his next unknowing victim. Thank you Mom’s Stuff Salve for keeping my skin so healthy and saving me from the people pushing products on me.
— Laura, Logan, UT
I love to wear Tevas in the summer. They are my favorite shoes. I also love to go on river trips and walk in the sand. The sad truth about loving these two things is my horrible dry feet in the summer. I have tried remedies before. But I have always had dry heals. Last summer I broke my toe and couldn’t put on shoes for a while. My feet were worse than ever. I decided to try Mom’s Stuff Salve. It was wonderful. My feet were whipped right into shape. I have classified Mom’s Stuff as one of the items I do not want to be without. It will always travel on the river or to the beach with me. I will keep it close through the summer sandal season. Thank you Lee for figuring out a perfect solution for dry and cracked skin.
— Susan Harding
We love ours salve so much. Our hands have been so chapped and it smooths on so well. We have the travel size and it’s last us twice through the rough dry Utah winters. My daughter also had a rash around her mouth and I don’t want to put anything that’s harm so close to her mouth and so we did and worked great! Also just today I was some on my cracked dry skin and it cures. I also just put it a couple pimps of mine and waiting to see how it turns out. 😊👍
— @laur22ashley
“It makes me so happy to put Mom’s Stuff Salve on my feet! I HAD such stinky feet, but now no stinky Birkenstocks because of Mom’s Stuff!!!! Serious!! Everyone should use it!!!
— Abbi, Mt. Pleasant, UT
My hands are so much better even after one day of using Mom’s Stuff Salve. I put some on my daughter’s arms because they were itchy. Then she asked me to put some on her legs. I said, “Oh are your legs itchy, too?” She said, “No it just feels good.” I knew what she meant because I had spent almost 30 minutes rubbing it into my legs the night before because it felt so nice.
— Breann, Pleasant Grove, UT
I’ve been using Mom’s Stuff Salve everyday and I love it! Smells like camping in the woods and keeps my knuckles from cracking in our dry high mountain desert winters.
— Eva Jorgenson, Heber, UT
I used the salve on a very painful thumb joint because it’s the only thing that soothed it.
— @bls5454
I ordered Mom’s Stuff Salve and loved it immediately. The scent, the natural ingredients, and the quality are all excellent. I work in health care and continual washing really dries my hands out. Your product lasts through several hand washings and helps prevent further drying. It’s so great that now I want to buy some for all my co-workers to try!
— Hannah
I got a painful crack in my heel callous this summer. Two days of salve and no pain or crack nearly completely closed. Miraculous stuff! I recommend it to everyone!
— @mommag606
This salve is the BEST for crafter hands! I use it religiously now and no more cracked or dry hands for me.
— Monica, CA
Spring and summer around here usually mean dry skin on these little ankles. She scratches until she bleeds and no lotion has been up to the healing and moisturizing task. We’ve tried prescriptions...and while they’ve worked, I never loved the potential side effects. Enter Mom’s Stuff Salve. It’s basically a miracle in a jar. She loves the smell and feeling of it so much that most mornings, without prompting, she wanders over to me, jar in hand and props her feet on my lap. It’s pretty damn adorable (and effective).
— Meg of Meg In Progress, Oakland, CA
Thank you for saving my hands from the cruelty of climbing chalk! I hadn’t noticed how bad my hands looked until I was giving a knitting lesson to a class of middle schoolers and they were projecting my hands on a screen so the whole class could see! At first I was so confused at whose really damaged hands were up on the screen knitting, and then I came to the horrible realization that I had completely THRASHED my skin. I had been using coconut oil but it wasn’t touching how broken and irritated the skin on my hands had become. Mom’s Stuff Salve came to the rescue!!!! My skin is healed. Thank you! Thank you!
— Raquel, Provo, UT
We’ve brought Mom’s Stuff Salve with us all over Europe. I keep it close by at all times, especially when we travel on planes since they have a way of making you super dehydrated. Mom’s Stuff Salve is protecting our lips, keeping the moisture in our hands, and I’ve been rubbing it on my heels on the days when we’ve walked 15,000 steps or more and they just throb. It’s been a real lifesaver! We swear it’s a miracle salve.
— Joy & Gonzalo, San Diego, CA
As someone who both works with his hands and is neurotic about skincare, Mom’s Stuff Salve keeps these sausage fingers and man hands from looking like a worn-out catcher’s mitt. It’s an all-natural, locally-sourced, mom and pop (and daughter) product that could really help all you makers out there that put your hands through hell like I do.
— Vaughn, Salt Lake City, UT
Mom’s Stuff Salve is wonderful stuff!! It healed up my heels very rapidly. They’ve never been better! Thank you.
— Marilyn, West Jordan, UT
I have long suffered from painful heel cracks during the wintertime, as well as flaking dry feet. I bought myself some Mom’s Stuff Salve and was astonished: by the third day, everything had healed up and my feet felt and looked beautiful. I will need to order another jar of it and here is why.
My husband has diabetic neuropathy in his feet, and he’s supposed to use a stimulating salve every day to keep the feet healthy and the circulation strong. He had been using a cayenne salve, but Mom’s Stuff has kept his feet healthier with just the right amount of circulation. Thanks for a brilliant product.
— Cathy, Helper, UT
Fabulous salve! It makes a huge difference on the nasty heel cracks and over drying and chafing. Keeps the bugs from biting your feet too!!!
— Sue, Mapleton, UT
As an archeologist, I spend lots of time in the dirt and hiking, so I use it on my feet and hands every night. I first learned of the medicinal qualities of pinyon sap years ago in eastern Nevada, where I found some old historical collection tins hanging on pinyon trees. The local Mormon farmers told me that it was a wonderful salve when combined with beeswax or with honey. Native Americans in central Nevada also use it for medicine. Needless to say, I was thrilled to get a jar of your stuff! I love piñon trees! Every time I open the jar, it reminds me of the Great Basin and the Southwest!
I would highly recommend it to other archeologists!
— Barbara, Yosemite, CA
I haven’t had any problems with cracking feet since I started using Mom’s Stuff Salve. It’s GREAT!!!!!
— Mary Lois, Burlington, IA
I love your salve. My feet are usually about the consistency of hooves (I prefer bare feet and pay for it). I put Mom’s Stuff Salve on at night once in a while and wow, my heels almost feel human again. The kids also still love to put it on, there’s something very soothing about the scent, etc. When Stella was bringing the travel container to preschool she’d share it w/ her little friends and one swore up and down it healed a cut of hers.
— Sarah, Denver, CO
Winters in PA get cold and dry from indoor heating. I keep my pumice stone handy in the shower but the best part is putting Mom’s Stuff Salve on my feet before the socks go on! I get that AHHHH! feeling knowing that there are no chemicals being applied, just natural (and wonderful smelling) ingredients. I also apply to knuckles, cuticles, lips. Mom’s Stuff stays put as does the smoothness.
I just got back from a two week cruise to the Caribbean. I used your product while away and it was like a pedicure in a jar!
— Carol, Shippenburg, PA
Wanted to let you that I love Mom’s Stuff Salve. It is the best cream/salve I have tried for cracked heels . . . When I applied it, I really “felt” it was getting absorbed. I was starting to run out, so I skipped a couple of days and my feet started getting cracked again. I usually run around the house barefoot and wear sandals most of the year in dry Redding, CA. I also teach some yoga classes, so it is nice to not have everyone staring at my cracked feet - yuck!
Thanks again and I’ve already submitted another order.
— Jennifer, Redding, CA
Mom’s Stuff Salve has healed many cracked heals, relentlessly dry hands, mysterious rashes, and puppy bite wounds in my family. It’s 100% natural and 100% from heaven. It’s even safe on pups and ponies.
— Rosie, Salt Lake City, UT
My daughter was so worried when she saw the cracks on her grandpa’s feet. She went and got the jar of Mom’s Stuff Salve and has been carefully applying it to his feet.
— Ashmae, Palo Alto, CA
Skin problems are a big thing for many people, and even worse for those living in dry places, or for potters, gardeners, carpenters, and others whose work exacerbates drying. For years I have been using various “the best” salves and creams for my hands and cracked heels, and Mom’s Stuff is in a different league. Its feel, scent, protection, and transparent integration are especially comforting to me, indicating how “alive” it is. Maybe it is its natural and carefully selected ingredients, or maybe the care and love that goes into its making, but this special salve is better than the ingredients alone. I really love it and like to get it for friends to try for themselves.
— Will Ruggles, Santa Fe, NM
My husband and I use Mom’s Stuff Salve every day. I’m a tile maker and we are both surfers so we use it on our hands and feet to keep them smooth and crack free. I have given it as gifts to all my friends in the ceramics and tile setting business and they love it. I use a small amount on my hair instead of hair gel...I have very long prematurely grey hair and it flattens out those crazy grey hairs the smell!
— Diana M.
I like Mom’s Stuff Salve because it actually works for the whole day. I feel like other hand products make my hands feel smooth for a few hours but then dry up and my hands feel worse. Your Salve works all day. My hands always crack in the winter but Mom’s Stuff helps to keep my skin in good shape. Plus it smells great. Also working in the garage I use all kinds of crazy chemicals that dry out my hands. Scrubbing all the grease off my hands is also hard on my skin. Mom’s Stuff Salve helps my skin recover from all that abuse.
— Ben Taylor, UT
Mom’s Stuff Salve has made a big difference, it is the only thing that solved my skin problems. My hands were cracked and bleeding. At a certain point in the winter I had my fingers taped together. I had tried so many other things and Mom’s Stuff was the most effective and I’ve been using it for 10 years now. I work outside in the winter 8-10 hours a day and for a lot of what I do I can’t wear gloves. As a mechanic your hands get dirty, and when you wash your hands they get so dry. At the end of the day, I put Mom’s Stuff Salve on my hands and then thin gloves and go to sleep. Pretty heavy duty. I wake up with soft, healed hands.
— Bob Taylor, NJ
Last night I camped near a hiker who told me his new shoes were tearing his feet to bits. I told him to clean his feet and put some Mom’s Stuff Salve on them. Then clean socks. He woke up the next morning asking where he could get some of my miracle salve. I told him and sent him with a ziplock bag. There really is nothing like Mom’s Stuff!
— Dana Fleming, WA
A friend gave me my first jar of Mom’s Stuff, and it has saved my hands! I am a nurse at a hospital in Oregon, and the hand sanitizer I use hundreds, if not thousands, of times a week just rips my skin apart. When Dana introduced me to the salve, I started using it in between washing/sanitizing hands and I finally have normal hands again. It smells lovely, doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy and a little goes a long way! Thank you for your creation...I love it.
— Mykensie Martin
While on a two day hike in Haleakala National Park in Hawaii, I used Mom’s Stuff Salve on my feet to prevent blisters and keep the ones I already had at bay. It worked so well! Mom’s Stuff also worked well on my terrible sunburn afterward. This product is definitely something to put on my packing list every time I go on trecks!
— Challen, Carson City, NV
I rely on Mom’s Stuff to keep my toe game strong! It’s so dry here at the beach in summer, my feet are constantly chapped without Mom’s Stuff Salve.
— Laura, Los Angeles CA
What an amazing product. I have been using your product for a couple of weeks now. I suffer from horrible dry skin on my hands that splits and even peels. I have been applying the salve a couple of times daily and my hands are starting to heal. I can’t express how relieved I am. I have wasted so much money on other lotions and creams but I finally found something that works. My hands were so bad that it didn’t happen overnight or even in a week but it is happening slowly. I can not be without this product, I have portioned out a small amount I carry around in a jar in my purse. My only wish is that you could make this in small size tubes so I could leave them all over the place, car, desk, bathroom,etc.
— Sonla Chaudry, IL
Recently I won a 1.5 oz jar of Mom’s Stuff Salve from a giveaway and it was the best thing I could have happened upon! I put it on my sons horrible dry cracked and bleeding hands and the salve has been the only thing to make a difference and a major one at that! It didn’t burn or sting when I put it on him, and now his hands are almost completely healed! I’m so glad I was able to get some and now I know what to use in the future! Thank you so much!!!!!
— BettyJo
I love to share products I’m wild about and Mom’s Stuff Slave is one of them. Let me tell you a little about how we use it in our house! On the girls: chapped lips or nose, boo-boos, strange rashes, diaper rash, dry skin, and on the bottoms of feet to help calm or sleep. On me: dry skin — especially love it on my elbows, knees, and bottoms of my feet. Chapped lips, and dry cracked hands.
— Samantha
As a leather crafter I have found my hands to be the last thing I take care of... even though I need them for everything I do! This stuff has saved my skin. I no longer have cracked hands and my cuticles have never been happier. I could rave on this stuff ALL day!
— Danielle, Flourish Leather Co.
After struggling for as long as I can remember with inflamed, cracked, dry fingers, I have finally found a product that actually WORKS!! I have been to doctors, dermatologists, & allergists that could not heal my hands. I’ve been told not to wash my hands as much (as a nurse, that is impossible), I’ve been prescribed the most powerful steroid creams, tar soaks, wax dips, bag balm, and even had laser treatments for this condition. With less than a week of using this, my hands are almost healed! NO CRACKS!! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this product and healing a condition I thought nothing short of a miracle would
— Brandy Leigh
I found a great job in Ojochal (Costa Rica), where I’m working with machetes for two weeks. I already have popped blisters on my hands and a million really tiny, really painful ant bites on my feet. Luckily though I’ve got Mom’s Stuff to save the day. Glad my blisters & bug bites are hurting and stinging less, because I’m back at it again tomorrow morning.
— Stella, Lindon, UT
This salve has SAVED my hands from drying out with all the wool I work with. I also wear sandals a lot, which dries your feet out & it’s completely helped them too. I picked some up while I was in Utah & I’m so glad! My daughter has sensitive skin & I’ve used this on face rashes and diaper rash as well. I need to get another travel size to keep in my purse!
— Brittany, TX
My dear friend Anne Heiner joined me for a section of the Pacific Crest Trail. She is an elite athlete but, her feet were giving her some trouble with blisters and hot spots. The most common question she asked, second only to “when do we stop for [insert meal or snack]?” was “could I borrow that Mom’s Stuff again?” She applied every morning, afternoon, and night. It saved her feet and kept her on the trail so I could have a lake-swimming buddy and confidant. Here she is at our bed and breakfast, all healed up and ready to race in Austria in three weeks.
— Dana Fleming, WA
Throughout my 12 years of working in the construction industry I have suffered from painfully dry, cracked hands. Mom’s Stuff Salve keeps my hands soft and free from painful cracks. I keep a 1.5 oz container in my lunchbox and simply apply a small amount in the morning and at lunchtime. My skin has never felt so healthy!
— Nick
Mom’s Stuff Salve is an essential part of my climbing gear! I won’t go into the mountains without it! I keep one in my bad and one in mi casa. I like to put some on my hands after a good day of climbing so that the next day I can wake up and do it again with fresh hands. The one at home I use for my feet because I wear Chacos all day and my feet get soooooo dry. I’m still blown away every morning at the difference it makes putting Mom’s Stuff on before bed. I have been using this product for about 11 years and it makes a world of difference for my skin. I swear by it!
— Stefano, Orem, UT
Finally, FINALLY, I discovered a product that is saving me from another winter of agony. Every year, like clockwork, I develop these painful fingertip (skin) cracks. EVERY YEAR FOREVER, for as long as I can remember! My experience has been that sometime during the Spring, after an entire winter of agony, the cracks heal almost overnight and will disappear like magic. I will not have these cracks during the summer. The minute Fall arrives, my fingers will be ok on one day and the very next day the cracks will appear and I will have these cracked fingers all winter long . . . until Spring time arrives again. Band-Aids were my main salvation. After using Mom’s Stuff my fingers healed almost overnight and have gone back to their “summer mode”, (meaning I do not have the cracks). I have tried everything through the years. Everyone has done their best and suggested a “special cream” of some sort, but nothing ever really helped my particular problem. In the summer on rafting trips my hands and feet developed such huge cracks I could hardly stand it. Between the dry desert air, sand, and water I had severe trouble with my feet and hands. After trying superglue, someone introduced me to your salve and it saved me. I am so glad to have discovered it, I use it every day. My fingers healed so quickly that it was very easy for me to forget I still need it. I place the jar in my kitchen where I can see the jar easily and remember to put it on each day. I don’t want my cracks returning to be my reminder. What a joy to work with my hands and not have them hurt. What a delight to not have to “wear” ugly bandages all day long.
— Mary, NH
My hands love you! No more cracked bleeding knuckles!
— Talia Graff
I’m not even kidding when I say this stuff has totally changed my life. My hands are usually full of weather cracks, especially during the winter months. After one use of Mom’s Stuff Salve I saw a huge improvement! I’ve tried all the lotions and creams and take my word for it . . . This one beats them all! Worth every penny!
— Shawna, Wilson
To say I’m obsessed would be an understatement. This winter my hands have taken a serious beating. So many dishes to wash, kids to clean, and all the many baths I take to ease my achy breaky pregnant body. All of which have dried out my skin to no end. I’ve been slathering my hands with this goodness before bed each night and I wake up with moisturized hands. From what I’ve heard, this salve isn’t just great for dry skin but also for bruises bumps and even eczema! Go getcha some people!!
— Allie, UT
I’ve been using Mom’s Stuff Salve for a couple weeks now and it’s the best, most soothing and healing stuff I’ve ever put on my skin. It stays on your skin unlike thinner lotions, but it isn’t greasy or too waxy, and it feels so good on dry, cracking hands. Plus, it’s made by a small family business just like ours.
— Loren, Polder's Old World Market
If you end up at a four day handgun defense course in the dry dry DRY desert, and you spend all day loading bullets in magazines and learning how to manipulate your gun to clear malfunctions under time pressure... your hands get beat up! Mom’s Stuff Salve literally saved our hides! We were so happy we brought it I had to take a picture to do a shout out!
— Whitney, Salt Lake City, UT
I have been a board certified Family Practice physician for 14 years. Four years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder which has made my skin crack and bleed. I wash my hands 20 or more times daily while seeing patients, which makes the dryness even worse. My hands were painful and I could not find anything to resolve it. I even took oral steroids. After trying different prescription meds and spending a significant amount of money on failed treatments, I finally gave in and tried Mom’s Stuff Salve. My skin started to soften and the cuts on the end of my fingers started to heal. I use it on a daily basis now and recommend it to patients on a regular basis. My only complaint is that it does not come in a larger container.
— Dr. Nunn, Mt. Pleasant, UT
Mom’s Stuff Salve is amazing! It just healed a persistent cracked finger tip the other day. I put a healthy dab of your salve on a fingertip bandage and then covered the whole thing with Duct tape, to try and keep dishwater out. That last didn’t work, my finger was all white and wrinkly two days later, but the fingertip is healed! Next time I will get one of those rubber fingertips you can buy and apply your salve sooner. I need to keep some salve at work, and some in the car!
— Monica, Provo, UT
As a potter, dry hands were always a problem. Mom’s Stuff Salve works wonders.
— Ginny, Hillsboro, OR
I forgot to take my gloves to the dressage clinic last weekend. By the second day, my hands were like sandpaper. Fortunately, I had a jar of Mom’s Stuff Salve in the horse trailer – so soothing.
— Ellen, Spring City, UT
I love Mom’s Stuff Salve! It not only heals my cracked dry cuticles and hands, it feels good and smells wonderful. I use it every night.
— Daphne, Pine Ridge Pottery, TX
For years I struggled with a serious skin condition on my hands. I tried many over-the-counter and prescription ointments. Hundreds of dollars later I discovered Mom’s Stuff Salve. It soothed my burning palms and helped to quiet the rash. I love that it is made by hand from natural ingredients and not chemicals. As a full time potter my hands take a beating, and your salve is right there with me every day. I eventually changed my clay to help cure the rash for good, but the benefits of Mom’s Stuff went beyond the relief it gave my hands. I became accustomed to the scent, and just opening the jar makes me feel ready for my day in the studio. I use it every day, and a little bit goes a long way. If your hands are dry and cracking from being in clay and water all day, it will come to your rescue.
— Sandi, Philadelphia, PA
I ordered Mom’s Stuff Salve a few weeks ago and loved it immediately. The scent, the organic ingredients, and the quality are all excellent. I work in health care and continual washing really dries my hands out. Your product lasts through several hand washings and helps prevent further drying. It’s so great that I now want to buy some for all of my coworkers to try!
— Hannah
I am a river guide on the day trips in Glen Canyon, so my hands and feet are in the Colorado River 9 months a year. I have been using Mom’s Stuff Salve since 2006 and it is the absolute best at keeping my skin soft and healed.
— Becky, Big Water, UT
I wanted to update you and thank you for the Mom’s Stuff Salve . . . I am absolutely loving it. My cuticles are healing and my hands feel great. And oh my gosh the smell! I can’t get enough of the smell.

Thanks again! I’ll be ordering more soon!
— Kathleen, Rexburg, ID
Most winters my fingers crack open so badly that they are constantly wrapped in band-aids. But my friend told me about Mom’s Stuff Salve and it has totally saved me this year. You can use it anywhere, not just hands, it feels good and it smells sooooo good and a little bit goes a long way.
— Emily, Salt Lake City, UT
I know already that I love your salve because I used it to great benefit on my cut-up fingertips while on the river in the Grand Canyon. I just got back late yesterday. A friend on the trip shared her jar with me, and it save the trip for me!
— Ursela, Flagstaff, AZ
I am a dental hygienist and wash my hands constantly. The salve has been wonderful! No more cracks! My husband loves it too, he is in the garden all the time and his hands were a mess. Not anymore! We both love it and I will definitely be giving this as gifts to friends and family. I am so glad I found Mom’s Stuff Salve!
— Margaret, Vista, CA
I used Mom’s Stuff Salve on cracked fingers on the Grand Canyon; they were healed in 36 hours. Marvelous stuff.
— Lori, Salt Lake City, UT
Thumb or heel splits cease to exist…Thanks Mom!!!!
— Paul, Mountain Center, CA
I bought a jar of Mom’s Stuff Salve hoping it would help my peeling, cracking fingers. It worked and they are much better after using your product. My daughter suffers from cracked calluses on her feet and I gave her the jar to try, because my hands seemed so much better. I haven’t seen the jar since! She claims it helps her more than anything else she has tried. I do find I need to use it consistently or the cracking and splitting returns. Consequently I am buying it for everyone in my family this year for stocking stuffers so each can have their own jar. Thanks for making it!
— Sydney, Park City, UT
My son tried it this weekend on his cracked fingertips, which have plagued him for years. The first night using your salve brought massive improvements!
— Joyce, Ridgecrest, CA
My mother gave me a jar of your salve when I first started floor nursing. It saw me through the agony inflicted by constant exposure to endless hand washing and antiseptics. More recently my husband has used it to rub some life back into my feet at the end of each day. After what seemed like years, the bottom of the jar is visible and we are eager not to break the rhythm of this nightly ritual. So much love passes from his hands through your salve to my feet. There is no question of its benefit to my mental health (and perhaps his). As a diabetic this treatment is of special import to my physical health as well. We’d like more for ourselves and two to share. Myriad thanks.
— Kate, WA
My mother-in-law gave a jar of Mom’s Stuff Salve to my husband and my he loves it so much! He is a carpenter. It helps his hands a lot.
He was so disappointed when it ran out that I have bought more to surprise him for his birthday.
— Brittany
I’ve been using Mom’s Stuff Salve on each of the river trips I have taken this year, Cataract Canyon (twice), plus Middle fork and Main Salmon. Keeps the splitting of my fingers at bay — I use it preventively. I love the smell and love how it works.
I also keep a jar in the garage for when I have been working a lot with wood projects, which sometimes dry them out due to repeated washings with hand cleaner.
— Jake, Boulder, CO
Skin problems are a big thing for many people, and even worse for those living in dry places, or for potters, gardeners, carpenters, and others whose work exacerbates drying. For years I have been using various “the best” salves and creams for my hands and cracked heels, and Mom’s Stuff Salve is in a different league. Its feel, scent, protection, and transparent integration are especially comforting to me, indicating how “alive” it is. Maybe it is its natural and carefully selected ingredients, or maybe the care and love that goes into its making, but this special salve is better than the ingredients alone. I really love it and like to get it for friends to try for themselves.
— Will, Rock Creek Pottery, NM
It has been another good start to the winter for me and my fingers. I can see where the cracks on my fingers would open if given a chance, but Mom’s Stuff Salve keeps this condition at bay. It is wonderful to not have to suffer during the cold months of the year. I am typing without Band-aids, without greasy creams and most notably, of course, without pain. Thank you again.
— Mary, UT
I make jewelry from old tin containers, cutting, sanding, and waxing each piece, as well as making 80 bars of soap every week at the Sundance Resort. My hands take a beating. Every winter, my left thumb gets a painful crack at the edge of the nail. This winter, both thumbs and pointer fingers cracked - ouch! I started using your salve last Sunday, February 2nd. Within a few days, the pain was gone and healing was underway. Eight days later, my fingers are healed. I will continue to use this several times a day. Mom’s Stuff Salve everyday keeps the cracks away! Nothing else has worked. Nothing. Thank you, Lee, for the relief!
— Linda, Provo, UT
I was so thrilled after using Mom’s Stuff Salve just one time that I have ordered a jar for my friend’s young daughters in Virginia (ages 7 & 9) who have such dry, cracked hands. I am converted and will spread the ‘gospel of Mom’s Stuff’; (this from a Jewish girl) to everyone I know! Thank you for developing this wonder product!!!!
— Ellen, Garwood, NJ
Mom’s Stuff is great! For the past few winters, I’ve had trouble with the skin cracking on the tip of my thumb which is painful. Nothing ever seemed to help, unless I covered it with a bandage. Now that I’ve discovered your salve, the cracking is no longer a problem! It still starts when it gets cold and dry outside, but now – with a daily application of Mom’s Stuff Salve – the crack disappears quickly and my hands (and feet) stay soft. Thank you!
— Patty, TX
My husband and I use your salve everyday. I’m a tile maker and we are both surfers so we use it on our hands and feet.
I have given it as gifts to all my friends in the ceramics and tile setting business and they love it, so I’m glad to hear that you will be around for a while.
I use a small amount on my hair instead of hair gel…I have very long prematurely grey hair and it flattens out those crazy grey hairs nicely…love the smell.
— Diana, CA
I’ve always used Mom’s Stuff Salve on my face after shaving and also to keep my hands comfortable after outdoor work or lots of guitar playing (keeps the calluses pliable, but tough, without peeling). Our daughter, Anna also loves it for her hands, which get lots of rough treatment in the banquet kitchen where she works. We’re coming for more, soon!
— Dave, Farmington, UT
I love this product. I am a gardener and have my hands in dirt most of the year. This is the only product that I have used that has really helped my poor hands, cuticles and even my lips. I ordered a large order the Christmas before last and gave most away as gifts, and am now using my last jar. Please send me five jars ASAP.
— Rebecca, Berryville, VA
I heard about Mom’s Stuff Salve from an email from Mary Brigham . . . she was singing it’s praises about how it helped her fingertips from doing their usual winter weather splitting. So I figured I’d give it a try as my hands chap so in the winter and my heels give me fits!! Splitting, rough, itchy, you name it. I ordered several jars as there’s always someone in my family with skin problems, so I figured I’d pass them out to whoever complains (I only have two jars left). I could tell a difference with my heels after only one night ~ whew, no more itching! Now all the splits and roughness are gone. I love it!! I’ve told a bunch of people already, and will pass out your cards. I’m like Mary: Please don’t stop making this salve!!!
— Nancy, Loveland, OH
I bought Mom’s Stuff to use on an 18 day rafting trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in spring 2012. This salve protected our hands and feet very well. Others on the trip used “the other brand” on their skin and a few ended up with swelling and sores where they used it. We were very satisfied with Mom’s Stuff. At first I thought it was a bit expensive but, after using it and seeing the results, I feel that it was worth every penny.
— Scott, OR
Just returned from a trip where I met up with my sisters, my baby sister told me about your salve probably three years ago, I actually saw its healing power this past week. My older sister had an index finger and thumb that had dry peeling skin that was very painful, in just 3 days of applying the salve to those fingers there was great improvement. I live in Louisiana and just ordered two jars and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival.
— Zelda, TX
Our daughter gave us a jar of Mom’s Stuff Salve for Christmas. It is the best product for dry, chapped and cracked skin my wife and I have ever tried. We sure needed it this winter. Absolutely wonderful product, great work!
— Robert, Belle Meade, NJ
During our recent river trip my hands and fingers became severely cracked and dry. By day five, cracks appeared my thumbs and each finger. I used super glue and and S_____ Salve. In fact, I reapplied S_____ Salve several times during the day and night. Nothing worked. The cracks got bigger and more painful. I couldn’t even snap my life jacket or help take our tent down. My thumbs and eight fingers throbbed so much at night it was hard to get to sleep. Then I discovered Mom’s Stuff Salve which a friend brought along for the trip. Almost immediately my cracked fingers began to heal and were fully functional within two-three days. As soon as we got off the river I threw out my S_____ Salve and ordered a couple jars of Mom’s Stuff Salve.
— Joan, Irvine, CA
Today my husband Art was wanting to buy more Super Glue for his cracking finger skin. I told him pack it with Mom’s Stuff Salve and but a band aid on it… It healed up in 8 hrs! I just ordered 3 more jars. I want to share it . . . but I am tempted to hoard it in every place I might wish I had it!!
— Eleanor, CT
I took Mom’s Stuff Salve to girl’s camp and shared it with a friend who couldn’t get cuts on her hands to heal–especially since it was freezing at night and blowing dirt often in the day–worked wonders. Now she wants some!
— Ramona, Springville, UT
My knuckles crack and bleed most of the year, but get so bad in the winter that sometimes I cannot even bend my fingers without them bleeding. For five days I used Mom’s Stuff Salve while visiting at my parents house over New Years and my hands completely healed and haven’t cracked since!
— Martha, Goering, NE
I’ve done over 130 Grand Canyon river trips in the last 40 years and Mom’s Stuff Salve is the best thing for skin cracks that I have ever used.
— Dr. Morton Thomas, M.D. Wickenburg, AZ
We ran into Lee and Joe in the Grand Canyon and when Lee saw the bloody, chapped and cut state of our hands after two weeks rowing she handed us a few jars of Mom’s Stuff Salve. It saved our hands for the remainder of the trip and the salve has become a part of my daily routine for my hands and feet. It seems to be the only stuff that can truly heal my cracked skin and it is a godsend for climbing trips when the daily grind on the rock combined with the use of chalk tears my hands apart. A little salve in the evening leaves my hands in great shape for the next day. My most recent use for the salve is healing a stitched-close cut on my face caused by a wayward oar and it seems to be doing the trick! Can’t imagine going back to petroleum based stuff that doesn’t work anyhow and the pinion pine smell in the salve brings back memories of the Grand every time I put it on.
— Brian, Steamboat Springs, CO
This salve is great! I learned about it through my rafting community and one friend bought 12 jars for our group’s Grand Canyon trip. Everyone loved it!
It has relieved a chronic hand/skin problem in my hands which allows me to work as a body therapist. It is a wonderful herbal salve, smells nice too!
— William
For years I would get bleeding cracks on the back of my knuckles when I was in an intensive throwing cycle. Mom’s Stuff Salve cleared that right up and has prevented its return. It keeps my hands soft and supple through all kinds of abusive work like glazing, kiln loading and wood firing. I would be a mess without it. My hands are my most important tools. Nothing is too good for them and there is nothing better for them than Mom’s Stuff.
— Joe, Spring City, UT