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Cuts & Blisters

Cuts & Blisters

I was in Joe’s pottery shop two years ago and saw Mom’s Stuff Salve and thought it would prove handy to have around. That is a mild understatement. I took a fall a couple of weeks back and it has been so helpful in getting the resulting nasty scrapes and abrasions to heal up. I’ve also found it useful for occasional outbreaks of mild psoriasis. As a result, lots of friends will be getting their own supplies for Christmas this year
— Mitch, Washington, DC
I found Mom’s Stuff Salve in the most random way possible. We ran into Lee and Joe in the Grand Canyon and when Lee saw the bloody, chapped and cut state of our hands after two weeks rowing she handed us a few jars. It saved our hands for the remainder of the trip and the salve has become a part of my daily routine for my hands and feet. It seems to be the only stuff that can truly heal my cracked skin and it is a godsend for climbing trips when the daily grind on the rock combined with the use of chalk tears my hands apart. A little salve in the evening leaves my hands in great shape for the next day. My most recent use for the salve is healing a stitched-close cut on my face caused by a wayward oar and it seems to be doing the trick! Can’t imagine going back to petroleum based stuff that doesn’t work anyhow and the pinion pine smell in the salve brings back memories of the Grand every time I put it on.
— Brian, Steamboat Springs, CO
Scrapes, cuts, poison ivy, cuticle cream 🙌🏼 amazing stuff!
— @sheenakey10
I Had to wear my cute new shoes yesterday. Yadda yadda…BLISTERS. Used Mom’s Stuff yadda yadda…MAGIC✨👠
— @alkea
Your salve worked wonders on my 8 month old’s eczema. He just had surgery on his neck and I’m Currently using it on his surgery scar. Love it!
— @vavoomvsc
I fell from a moving vehicle and tore up my knee. Using Mom’s Stuff has helped it heal and keep from scarring. I love Mom’s Stuff Salve. Love it. Without it I’d have a huge lump right at the top of knee cap . . . just taking up space and causing pain. Thank you!
— Alida, Rock Hall, MD
Had a nasty blister on top of my foot that tore off when I took my work boots off last night. Put some of that Mom’s Stuff on it before leaving for the job site this morning, foot feels great.
— Beau Brinkley
I put Mom’s Stuff on scabs — they stay soft, go away quicker, and no scars!
— Jane, SLC, UT
My bike pedal banged into my shin last weekend and I got cut & bruised. With Mom’s Stuff, the cut healed so quickly.
— Joy Rios
Yet another use for Mom’s Stuff Salve. Unfortunately, I had a big bike accident last week where I ripped two inches of my lip off my face resulting in 20 stitches. Guess what’s helping it heal? Mom’s Stuff, three times a day. I know there will be no scarring and it is healing so fast! Thanks Lee!!!!
— Kristine, Telluride, CO
My husband cut his forehead the other day. We cleaned it and put some Mom’s Stuff on it , and it was sooooooo much better the next day. Almost totally healed!
— @jakesadie!