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My lips started cracking in this Midwest cold snap and I couldn’t find any of my normal lip balms, but I keep Mom’s Stuff Salve around for my fingers. I thought, “why not?” and dabbed some “stuff” on my lips. By the end of the day, the crack was gone, and with regular, light applications, I’ve not had any more problems. It’s a bit eerie, actually. Magic!
— Liz, Columbus, OH
My son with continually chapped lips from the first day of autumn to the first day of spring is SO SO SO happy to have relief! He actually commented this morning that he knows his bottom lip will not split like it has the past three winters with Mom’s Stuff Salve!!
— Kristine, Telluride, CO
I used on my chapped lips last night. This morning they feel fabulous!
— @poolesammy
I have to share another little “Mom’s Stuff miracle”, as I’m starting to call them. As anyone knows who suffers from the occasional cold sore on a lip, it’s a big deal to get through them quickly. Sunday morning I started seeing those large white swellings in the usual spots on my lip that indicate I’m in the first phase of a cold sore. I started applying Mom’s Stuff to it every time I thought about it, maybe seven times that day. By the next morning, day two, it was flat and barely visible. Today, day three, it is slightly sore and a little bit red, but barely noticeable. I keep applying salve, but not as often as the first day. What happens is that Mom’s Stuff Salve apparently kills the virus if I can hit it within the first several hours (12 to maybe 24?) that I notice I’m getting a cold sore and it completely skips the gross clear bubble stage, crusted over stage and scab stage, at least for me. I have done this three times now, so I’m pretty convinced it’s not a coincidence! I’m very grateful!!
— Monica, Provo, UT
Your wildcrafted salve is the only thing that has saved my lip from cracking where I got a surprise cold sore. It’s got the perfect amount of thickness to stay in place for hours when I wake up, after I eat, and when I go to sleep. It’s beautiful how you go out in the wild as mother and daughter to gather the precious healing saps and herbs that go into your inspired offering. I feel the love. Thank you!
— Karey Shane, Orem, UT
Mom’s Stuff Salve is particularly effective for curing cold sores. In less than one week, it is almost gone, whereas usually I have a hard time getting rid of them using expensive medications from the pharmacy. For me it is miraculous.
— Roger, Geneva, Switzerland
I used Mom’s Stuff when I felt that first prick of a cold sore and it was stopped in it’s tracks.
— S. Jorgensen, Billings, MT
Mom’s Stuff Salve is the only thing our son can use on his chapped lips because of its anti-bacterial properties since he tends to get staph infections if he uses any commercial preparations.
— Cheryl, Provo, UT