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Bug Bites

Chillin’ in Guatemala and a girl got a horrible sunburn. I offered her some Mom’s Stuff. Then another girl came up with some bug bites. I offered her some salve. Within an hour I had a line of people asking to use it. The word is spreading my friend, and I need to make another order. You guys are global!
— Jake, Guatemala
I got some salve to try out on my cracked hands and feet, and my forester boyfriend is now covering himself in it every night to help his poison oak and bug bites. Glad it’s helping him, but wishing I’d gone for the full size container 😜
— Paige
Just wanted to give moms stuff some love. I put it in my backpack and my purse and have been putting it on all my bug bites and abrasions from living and active life and I had the pleasure of sharing it with someone who needed a cream. Thank you moms stuff for allowing me to share your kindness is a bottle with the people in my life :)
— Ashley
My kids were playing in the park and my son stepped on a bee and got stung. I had a jar of your salve with me and immediately applied a dab to the sting. Ten minutes later you couldn’t even tell he had been stung and he was running around playing again!
— Ashley H.
I love Mom’s Stuff!! I gifted my MIL some and she used in my niece’s chigger bite and stopped the itching and helped. She loves it!!
— Nancy
We’ve loved having Mom’s Stuff Salve with us hiking through Oregon. Blisters, bites, burns, and the dreaded chaffing. Mom’s Stuff saw us through it all
— Dana & Friends
Mom’s Stuff Salve is amazing! I am amazed at this stuff and since I have started using it, I have seen improvements in the overall appearance of my skin! I have used on a fire ant bite (stopped stinging immediately), dry heels, chapped lips, bruises, cracked skin . . . and every time amazed at the result!! Plus I love the smell!! 😋
— @classymamadesigns