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Diaper Rash

I’ve used Mom’s Stuff Salve for about a year now and just love it! It does wonders for diaper rash and is safe on our cloth diapers! We think its great for cuts and all the many rashes my kids get. My most recent use was at the beach when the kids came down with hand foot and mouth. It was awful but thanks to Mom’s Stuff Salve they were able to get some relief from their blisters. My little one would be screaming and crying and almost immediately after putting on the salve the crying would stop and we’d be able to sleep comfortably for about two hours. It was a traumatic vacation but I’m so thankful I remembered to pack my Salve as it really saved the day!
— Dana Hicks
I just have to say, my son had the worst diaper rash. And your product took it away in three diaper changes! What a blessing! We love your product so much and use it for everything. I’ve seen drastic improvements in my skin, my babies eczema and a burn!
— Jane
If you’re looking for a good salve, you should definitely check this stuff out!! I have used it as a moisturizer on my face, as a diaper rash cream and to heal an allergic reaction rash so far. Plus, it is handcrafted with great quality + all natural healing ingredients, smells amazing
— Amanda