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Since she first began making Original Piñon Salve 20+ years ago Lee has been using it on her dogs, cats, horses and other animals. She uses it to soothe cuts or abscesses, repel flies from horses ears, moisturize sore paws and more. 

Wow! Mom’s Stuff really works. Our Quarter Horse gelding recently got a nasty cut on his neck. I was doctoring it with scarlet oil, when Lee happened to come over. She looked at the wound and suggested I use your salve on it. I started using it 3 or 4 days ago and immediately noticed a significant difference. It is almost healed now....Next time, I’ll use Mom’s Stuff Salve FIRST. Thanks Lee!
— Garth, Spring City, UT
We have a beautiful german shepherd/malamute boy with a rare auto-immune disease. Part of the disease process is he’s loosing the pigment on his gets raw/bleeds/scabs over and the only thing that seems to help him is Mom’s Stuff! Thanks Lee for this wonderful gift of nature! 💜
— @symonangel
I recently used Mom’s Stuff on a ‘girth itch’ fungus we had on a horse and also on another unnamed skin condition on a horse. Just a three inch diameter patch of missing hair that wouldn’t grow back . . . ONE application of Mom’s Stuff Salve and wallah! Hair regrowth!
— Janna, Ten Sleep Ranch, WY
I am a Vizsla breeder — breed one litter per year. Our dogs are first pets and then show dogs AND hunting dogs. Many of the dogs we breed participate in other “working” venues. I was the lucky recipient of Mom’s Stuff Salve from my daughter (who is a potter). When my bitch, Suede, was nursing 10 hungry boys, she developed an infection on her elbows (from being on them so much when she was cleaning and nursing her boys). I called Lee to ask about using her salve on Suede and she said it should do the job. It did! Healthy elbows!! Because our dogs work in the field, they often have cuts and scrapes. I use Mom’s Stuff on everything and it all heals with a minimum of scarring. I even use it on their faces — below their noses — because when they hunt in deep cover, they cut themselves there and it gets quite raw. I recommend it to all my homes!
— Judy, Boulder, CO
We are using your salve to treat our cow for mastitis. We are mixing it with Lavender and Citrus essential oils that I have, (the combo of the Mom’s Stuff and those oils smells fabulous by the way). We used it on the cow for the first time last night and was very happy to see a significant improvement by morning.
— Lucy, Stark City, MO
My kitty gets into fights from time to time and has had his fair share of cuts and infections. We always clean out his wounds and apply Mom’s Stuff, especially if he has an abscess. It always helps heal fast and effectively!
— Mona, Provo, UT
Use it for everything..people, dogs. Stitches out, mom’s stuff on to keep the scarring down and speed healing. I love the face formula even more if that’s possible. Mom’s stuff goes to the Caribbean with us every year. Don’t leave home without it!
— Sue Dyle
I have Zoe, an extraordinary Norwich terrier, a nearly constant companion since the day I brought her home over 16 years ago. For the last eight or nine months, Zoe has had a thickening nose issue, rather strange really–the nose tissue will thicken and thicken and thicken some more, and then shed off in chunks. Rather alarming. The vet had no explanation, no recommendations on what to do. I had been using coconut oil on it, which helped it to shed more quickly, but the coconut oil didn’t keep it from recurring cycles of growth/shed/growth/shed. I read on your website about how someone used it on the nose of their dog, so I had to try it on Zoe. Mom’s Stuff Salve worked like a charm. I have to administer pain meds to my dog every 12 hours and I’ve added an application of Mom’s Stuff to the medicine schedule. I paste your salve in a thickish fashion on her nose tip and outer nostrils every twelve hours and for the last three weeks now her nose is moist, shiny and normal. I can hardly believe it! She fights the medicine (it is terribly bitter stuff), but holds perfectly still when I open the Mom’s Stuff Salve jar and carefully use my fingernail tip to paste it onto her nose, one little tiny section at a time.
I can’t thank you enough for this. It means so much to be able to give her some relief from the discomfort and infirmities of old age.
As for my hands, they are in great shape. This is a terrific product. Add me to your list of devoted customers!
— Kris, Wilmingtom, DE
Thank you so much for making this wonderful salve. My husband Steve and I have used it for our feet and hands and it has also worked wonders for our dog Abby. Her nose has been chronically chapped and bleeding due to Canine Lupus. Our vet has had us try several ointments, but none stay on well or do much good. Mom’s Stuff Salve gives her such relief and it stays on her nose. Now her nose has returned to normal softness and color. We couldn’t be more pleased!
— Julie, Kamus, UT
Our kitty gets strange sores on the pads of her feet that the vet said can only be treated by steroid shots. Rather than subject her to all those side effects we started putting Mom’s Stuff Salve on her sores twice a day whenever they appear. They go away quickly and no harmful side effects for our baby girl! Thank you!
— Caleb, Provo, UT
We love Mom’s Stuff!!!
I keep a jar in the tack room for my horses and one in the house for my family.
— Shauna, Spring City, UT